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There is no current certification body for EHRs when it comes to their automated coding support tools. EHR vendors have taken widely different approaches to how their systems interpret coding requirements.  This has made it increasingly important that EHR users and coding professionals increase their level of understanding of how EHR impact the accuracy of coding. This website was started by Michael Stearns, MD, a certified professional coder (CPC) and certified family practice coder (CFPC).  Dr. Stearns has over 14 years of experience building automated EHR coding tools and assessing the accuracy of automated coding tools in the field with physicians.

This website provides basic information to medical and coding professionals on coding and EHRs, allowing them to optimize EHRs as business tools without placing themselves at risk for inaccurate coding that may result in underpayment or over-payment for services, negative audits, substantial fines, and in some cases the potential for being accused of fraud.

Dr. Michael Stearns is the founder of Stearns Healthcare Consulting and can be reached at mcjstearns@gmail.com.

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